Frey-Day January 22, 2016

We seem to be losing rock stars left and right lately.  When David Bowie passed away, Rusty put together a nice tribute to him by creating a playlist with all his greats and even some B side memorable ones.  W couldn't let Glen Frey go without some sort of remembrance so Rusty, again, put together a playlist of Glen Frey's best...and worst.

We endured the playlist as we endured a very difficult Deck of Cards that looked like this:

Happy Glen Frey-Day

Spades=Vup @ card face value

Clubs= Grasshoppers @ x5 face value

Hearts= Situps @ x3 face value

Diamonds= Josh Planks @ x2 face value (a Josh plank is where you go from pushup position to left elbow, then to right elbow, then to right arm extended then left arm extended back into a pushup position)

Joker 1= 100 Mtn Climbers

Joker 2= 100 Chinnies

Joker 3= 50 Vup/Knee Hugs

Joker 4= 100 Flutter kicks


Here is an email from Rusty:

Happy Glenn Freyday.
For the record, the RX reps today were:
                50 V-up/knee-ups
                95 V-ups
                100 flutters
                100 chinnies
                190 Josh planks
                285 sit ups
                475 grasshoppers
We did not set the timer, but it must have taken more than 45 minutes.  And of course, we did this all while listening to a semi-entertaining, semi-torturous mix of easy-listening Glenn Frey/Eagles tunes.  Now that is how to end a week.
Have a good rest of the Freyday.


No matter how many reps it was, I had a great time and got a great workout.  Probably be a little sore in the midsection tomorrow.