Quote of the day

Why do we train so hard, every day?


Mark Divine writes about this often as it is an integral part of the SealFit philosophy:


Humans need their bodies to operate at peak capacity. It affects everything else in our lives. When we are physically strong, we are “healthy” inside, we are mentally alert and more connected spiritually. In essence we are happier people and more useful to others. We are productive and don’t expect to be taken care of. We contribute more than we take. We serve and love. Everyone seeks this at some level, but most are held down by a system that encourages and rewards mediocrity. Disciplined physical training can set us free from this downward spiral. We don’t need to be an elite athlete or Navy SEAL. No we just need the right attitude and to sharpen our sword daily. We must train for life.

Outstanding!  If you dont know the Unbeatable Mind Program, seek it out and find it.  Some of the best stuff I have ever read.