Thursday December 17, 2015

Today started a little differently than most.  I opened the garage at 4:50 am and met Bill Clift outside.  We prepared to do the Wim Hof Breathing Method like we have every day for the last several weeks.  When doing this breathing, you get pretty focused on what you are doing and in a zone. During this time, I was aware that my dogs were making a funny bark that I don't normally hear but continued with my breathing.  It seemed that Gus had caught an Opossum and brought it in the garage and dropped it on Bill's legs while he was in deep breathing.  I was unaware of what was happening, but once I finished I saw what was going on.  Bill is visiting from Austrailia, so this will give him a great story to take back to his mates. Only in Tennessee!

Gus with his prize


Recently, I purchased 2 new Rogue benches.  These things are really solid and came fully assembled.  We really don't do a ton of bench pressing at the RRL, but it is really not because I don't like the exercise, it was mostly due to the fact that we really didn't have enough benches.  With these two new ones, I decided to do a workout that I have always wanted to do but have avoided because we didn't have enough gear.



Deadlift 1.5x Body weight

Bench Press 1 x Body weight

Clean .75 x Body weight

Set up 3 bars and go through as fast as you can.  Do 10 of each exercise, then 9 and on down the line.

I like this one because I am weighing 170 rather than 187 and that sure does make the whole thing easier.  My weight loss reminded me of the book that I just read called Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.  In it they go over the concept of Discipline = Freedom.  I had to be extremely disciplined to lose 17 pounds, but by having that discipline, I now enjoy the freedom of running much faster and using lighter weights in a workout like this.  There is far more to that concept than my extremely simple comparison, but it hit home today.  I strongly suggest that you read that book.

I finished in 27:14 today and don't really have any idea how that stacks up.  I am sure that lots of people can go much faster, but I thought it was decent for my first try.

It is also of note that it rained during 90% of the workout and we had about 15 guys today.  No one complained.  Not even Bill regarding the opossum.