Monday Dec 14, 2015

Rain Burpees

Despite a pending rain storm, we had a full house this morning.  We almost beat the rain. 

At the RRL, we dont have weather days.  Rain, snow, sleet, hail, extreme cold or extreme heat will not change what we do.  This is mostly because we only have a driveway to do our workouts with a small garage.  Not too many people can fit in the garage, so, over the last 8 years, we have just learned to love the elements.  Today offered unseasonably warm conditions followed by the beginning of a nice storm front.  We finished 90% of the workout in summer-like conditions in December.

RRL Warmup

WHM Breathing- 5 rounds plus pushups

1. Sled Push/Burpee

Sled Push 50 m (down and back) with 225 lbs

5 Burpees

x 4 rounds

for time


2. Push Press



3. Sled Push/Burpee

Sled Push 50 m (down and back) with 180 lbs

5 Burpees

x 4 rounds

for time


4. 50 Power Overs for time

Power Overs

Alan Lebovitz and Rusty Gray doing Power Overs this morning before the rain

Posted by Tom Rowland Training on Monday, December 14, 2015

We have done this Sled Push/Burpee workout before...but that was also before I resurfaced the driveway with about 400 lbs of sand in the mix.  No doubt that there is more friction on the driveway.  We used to pile 315 pounds onto the sleds but after trying that yesterday, I dropped it to 225 for about the same effect.  Today, we pushed the sled x4 then did our push press and then returned to the sled -45 pounds for a second round.  Things changed as it began to rain.  I thought that traction would be an issue, but I was surprised when the sleds were moving much faster.  The rain was an advantage as it made the driveway slicker but we were able to maintain traction.  I got some cool pictures and video this morning of Mike and Alan in the rain.  See below. 

Great Morning!  Happy Monday.