Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

A favorite emerges today.  Leap Frog format team workout featuring rows, kb swings and wall balls.  I love this format as it is a perfect interval which is intensified by your team mate.

1. Bear Complex 1-1-1-1-1

2.  Leap Frog Team Workout

Row 10 calories

15 kb swings

15 wall balls

Partner 1 starts on the row while P2 rests.  when 10 calories are completed, P1 calls out to P2 and P2 starts on KB swings.  P1 moves to the Wall Balls.  Continue moving through the exercises with one person working at a time for 20 minutes

I think we were all going with meters on the rower rather than calories which would explain the higher scores yesterday.  Calories would take a little longer.  Need to watch that next time.