Travel NYC

I started today off with a great run through Central Park with my son Turner.  We stopped 1/2 way through a 4 mile run to do a deck of cards by a lake.  Great way to start the day.  Here are some pictures:

Meanwhile back at the RRL

Beast 12...weird and confusing rep scheme but good workout

I went to the Fish Market in Chinatown today.  As a fisherman, I recognised so many of the fish I saw.  Most of these fish are not considered good eating fish by S Florida standards.  Are we missing something?  On the other hand, the vegetables and fruit in the Chinatown markets were superior to anything else we saw anywhere.

In case you don't know what some of those pictures are, we have largemouth bass in terrible condition, Mantis Shrimp, Dried shrimp, Dried trout, Pompano, Small Jacks, Live Snakehead, Porgy, a trashcan full of live frogs, live eels, live catfish ,bluegill, ribbonfish, and some other things I didnt identify.