This was not the best week to have to shoot the Into the Blue show.  The weather is tough, wind blowing a solid 20-25.  We have gotten out and filmed 4-5 shows, but it has been tough.  Tuna, red snapper, cobia, tripletail, and king mackerel so far.  Hopefully it will get better.

My training has been ok though.  I did the 12 miler on Sat, the pushup/situp prog and 1.5 mile intervals on Sun, the 150 step ups x2 on Mon, and 2x2 mile ruck on Tues.

Today, I found time to do the 3x3 mile with 45 lbs.  it felt really light and I felt like I was moving pretty fast.   




This is the last ruck interval on the training is almost here! 

I will get in the other run interval workout while here, but i am going to replace the other ones with a solid 1 hour pt session with the ruck.