Step ups and ruck


Warm Up

1. 150 step ups x 4

16 inch box, 40 # ruck

Try to get each one under 5:50.  Mike Drew scorched this one with all under 5 minutes and one as low as 4:33

2. Various durability exercises and physical therapy exercises for calf.



3. Ruck 2 miles x 4

60 # ruck before food or water

Keep each interval as fast as possible.  Really they should be around 24-25 minutes.

When I had time to get this workout in, it was 94 degrees.  The heat seriously affected me, but I was conscious of making sure to drink tons of water and take Hammer Endurolytes.  I drank over 12 liters of water during this workout and I have still not had to pee!  At times, I was sweating so profusely that it was as if it were raining. 

I have to admit, I do like the feeling of sweating like that, the problem comes if you cant get more water in as fast as it is going out!  I did my best to drink as much as possible. 

Tough day of training, but the good news is that Allen Bible has my calf feeling damn close to 100%.  Hell YES!