Last week was a tough one for me.  Out of nowhere, I somehow reinjure my calf after a month of hard training.  It wasnt an injury that I could pinpoint when it happened or where, it kind of just started hurting and prevented me from running or rucking.  Very frustrating.

The injury was so frustrating that I decided to go to the Doctor.  I chose a Doctor who helped me get through my torn Soleus a few years ago.  He told me about what I thought he would...strained Gastroc, no need for MRI.  He suggested Physical Therapy, so I called my PT friend Allen Bible.

Allen did some Ultrasound, massage, and gave me some exercises to try.  I have been doing them 2 x day and they have helped, I guess.  I also took 2 days off completely and 5 days off of any rucking or running. 

Today I felt good and thought I would give my ruck schedule a try. 

3 x 3 miles at 45 pounds dry before water

1. 42:52

2. 38:46

3: 40:00

It was 93 degrees, I was in boots and pants.  Even in wrestling practice where the heat was turned up high and we wore plastics, I did not sweat as much as in this workout.  I was soaked, dripping, boots sloshing, but the calf felt great. 

38:46 is as fast as I have ever rucked 45 pounds for 3 miles.  It is amazing how a little victory like that can improve my attitude.  Last week I was down.  I was not able to complete the training that I needed to and it really brought me down.  It was hard to rest when I knew what I needed to do.  There were several moments that I questioned whether or not I could even do Selection at all due to the injury.

Setting a PR brings the spirits up, restores confidence in my conditioning and strength.  I am back to my original confidence.

Now, I just need to figure out how to keep the calf healthy and strong.