Today was a little break from the heavy ruck, which was welcomed by me!  There is a big difference between a 40 and a 60 pound ruck.  20 pounds, you say? Yea, 20 pounds, however, the difference that it makes on how I feel after a long effort  makes a big difference.  I feel good today, mobile and loose.  This was a great workout and a good way to loosen up the hip flexors.
It looked like this:

Warm up: 4 Rounds 3x DOT Drill 3x Scotty Bobs @ 25# Instep Stretch

4 Rounds 150x Step-ups @ 40# at Interval based on SESSION 2 step up time. Rest 3 Minutes between efforts

(2) 4 Rounds 10x GHD Situps 10x EO’s 60 Second Farmers Carry @ 55# Dumbbells 15x Hamstring Hell

(3) 2 Rounds 25 Second Jane Fonda 40x Shoulder Hand Job @ 2.5# Foam Roll Legs/Low Back

I was trying to get my 150’s under 6 minutes.  I did that on a couple, but was over on a couple also.  Either way, I felt pretty good, pushed the pace hard and sweated a TON.

The last 3-4 weeks have been fairly hot but really humid.  I do not remember sweating quite this much when preparing for Kokoro, but I probably did.  When I say I am sweating alot, I mean it.  Everything is soaked completely, like I jumped into a pool.  The clothes have to come off before I go upstairs and I hang them on the squat rack.  Later, I will return to a big pool of sweat beneath them.  My ruck is also drenched and dripping.  Crazy.  I drank about 180 oz of water this morning without any trouble at all.  I felt like I was trying to carry water in a leaky bucket.  As fast as I poured it in, it came out.

The feeling of sweating like that is addicting.  There is really nothing else like simply sweating a gallon of water in a workout.  You feel clean, all impurities purged and you refill with clean cool water.  I love that feeling and sometimes long for it in the winter as we workout outside all year round.

Off to California tomorrow for a meeting and a visit to SealFit HQ.  Should be fun.