Our Mascot and my image of a Courage Wolf. Gus.

Our Mascot and my image of a Courage Wolf. Gus.

“Man’s greatest moment of happiness is to be tested beyond what he thought might be his breaking point and not fail.”
— Joseph Murphy


Box Breathing 5 minutes

30 overhead squats with PVC

10x each: Pushups, Situps, Dips, Pullups, Burpees

Skill: Jump Rope 3 minutes


30 GHD Situps

30 Hip Extensions

Workout: A.
20 Air Squats

20 Pushups

20 Walking Lunge

x 3 rounds  not timed

Workout B.

Work to 1 RM Back Squat

no more than 15 minutes

Workout C.

Run 400 m or Row 500 m

20 Kettlebell Swing @ 53 lbs

15 Pullups

x 5 rounds for time

Workout D.

Still Water Runs Deep 10 minutes

PM Session:

Chipper:  15 Back Squat @ 90% 1 RM),

50 x weighted step-ups (65# bar bell),

150 x double unders

Not for time

Today's workout was fantastic.  Selection will require a ton of grip strength.  We will carry stuff, hold stuff pull, push, and everything else imaginable.  I have always been a believer in grip strength since being a wrestler.  I never use straps in lifting and do some accessory work occasionally like pinch grips holds to increase grip strength.  Your grip can never be strong enough.

This workout was grip intensive.  I rowed rather than run which made it even more intensive.  Good luck with this one if you try it.  If so, post times and comments.