Mid-life crisis channeled to Ironman

This is Alan

This is Alan

Alan Lebovitz trains for an Ironman

Alan Lebovitz is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We went to Bright School together, played sports and went waterskiing as kids.  Alan has always been a terrific athlete and when I moved back to Chattanooga, Alan became a regular early on at the garage.  This year he has entered his midlife crisis and instead of buying a Porsche, he decided to do an Ironman.  While the garage is simply not the same without his everyday presence, I am very proud of Alan and wish him the very best in his Ironman.  Alan has gone "Lone Wolf" on us and is training for this race alone, sometimes waking up super early to get in long bike rides and still have time for his family. 

Recently, I had a chance to ask Alan how his training was going. 

TR: Hey Alan, I know you are preparing to run an Ironman, when and where is it?
AL: Sunday, September 28th. In our hometown - Chattanooga, TN

TR: Many people know an Ironman as just a really hard thing to do, tell us
exactly what it is.

AL: Just a very long workout!!! Officially it's a  2.4 swim then a 112 mile
bike and finish with a 26.2 mile run (full marathon).

TR: Is this your first one?

AL: Nope, but it is my 2nd. My 1st was just 14 years ago in Clermont, FL.

TR: Why did you decide to do this?

AL: If there is going to be an official "Ironman" triathlon here in
Chattanooga, then it was going to be very difficult for me not to sign up.

TR: What have you done for training and how has that changed what you normally

AL: I 've been doing CrossFit now for 6 years but decided to sign up with a
certified triathlon trainer so I could get back in biking shape. Plus I
started swimming with a master's swim group twice a week -- all include lot
longer workouts!

TR: In your first, you trained traditionally, but on this one you are still
coming to the Garage for some SealFit workouts.  How is that working?

AL: I'm only coming to the garage sporadically and this increases my soreness
level post Sealfit workouts exponentially. Ironman distance training is
whole different ball game.

TR: Do you have a goal time in mind?
AL: Absolutely - to beat my 11:44 time from 14
years ago. I expect this 46 year old to kick that 32 year-old's ass!

TR: Are you working on any specific areas?
AL: Biking will be toughest part for me.
Sitting on the saddle for over 5 hours will be rough.

TR: How much time per week are you training? 9 to 12 hours.

TR: Has your diet changed?  What do you eat?
AL: Not at all. I eat pretty much anything and everything. I workout to eat. I even ate Little Debbie’s before they became the title sponsor of the Ironman Chattanooga this past

TR: Any special gear changes?
AL: Not so much other than wearing spandex bike shorts which are way more uncomfortable than CrossFit board shorts.

TR: What is the most challenging part of your training so far?
AL: The logistical and nutrition planning for the long runs and biking. The actual disciplines are easy but it's a major chore coordinating when to plan this endurance
training around the demands of family and work.

TR: What advice would you give to someone who wants to do an Ironman?
AL: Hire a coach, buy good equipment, and grind it out!

TR: Thanks Alan!  I know you are going to do great in the race.  We will be
watching and cheering at the water station for you and catch up for a post
race interview on how you did!