3 man teams

Before and after of the clean up.  Thanks to my wife and kids for helping! 

Before and after of the clean up.  Thanks to my wife and kids for helping! 

Yesterday, my family and I pulled everything out of the garage, pressure washed the mats and let it all have the MRSA baked out of it by the sun.  It was long overdue and the amount of shit that was under the mats was amazing.  The garage was cleaned from top to bottom including the doors, stereo, drawers and cabinets.  Happy Father's Day.   It was perfect.

I left everything outside last night as I knew that alot of strong guys would be here to help first thing this morning.  The warm up was putting the garage back together.  It took 10 minutes and everything was back in place.

We had 18 people this morning which could be a problem if you only had a little bit of gear.  We are fortunate at the RRL to have plenty of equipment; more than most CrossFit gyms, but I like to do workouts that don't require alot of stuff and that are simple in explanation.  The leap frog style is a great format to accomplish both.

I knew we would have a big group today so I set up 2 workouts both of 10 minute duration and both leap frog style.  We broke into teams of 3 and did the following:

Workout A.

100 battle ropes

max pushups

max wall balls

Winner is the team with the highest running count of wall balls

Workout B.

20 GHD situps

Max Push Press @ 75 lbs

Row for calories

Winner is the team with the highest running count of calories on the rower.

Each of these workouts works the same way.  There is one station which dictates the time the other athletes stay on all stations.  One station is set as the determining station for winning.  On workout A, the first athlete does 100 battle ropes.  The second athlete is completing max pushups in the time it takes the first athlete to complete the 100 ropes and the third athlete completes max reps of wall balls.  When the first completes the ropes, he moves to the pushups and the pushup guy moves to the wall ball and continues with the running count.  We continue like this for 10 minutes and the team with the most wall balls wins.

The second workout was the same format.  The GHD situps controlled the timing and the rower dictated the win.

3 people can be trained with no equipment or just one thing like a kettlebell or a barbell.  Good format.  I like it.

The Selection candidates wore a 45 pound ruck while doing both workouts.  It was tough and there were some movements that were awkward and made far more difficult due to the ruck weight. I don't think we can be training too many weighted pushups or training with a ruck enough.  From here on out, everything we do will be with at least a 45 lb ruck.  We will also be taking some advice from Selection Graduate, James Vreeland, and giving penalties for getting beat by non candidates.  It pays to be a winner.

We finished with a 10 minute meditation using Mark Divine's Still Water Runs Deep exercise. 

A couple of new guys showed up today.  I hope they will continue to come back.  Seeing new faces at the RRL reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

I wish them good luck in their journey and hope they can help us along ours.