Carry, Run, Press (and puke)

That is Ross Enamait in the video above.  He is a stud.

You would not be reading this blog if I had not found his website in 2003 or early 2004.  I was tired of running marathons and had decided that I had lost an unacceptable amount of muscle and strength.  In search of something else to do to get in shape, I searched jump rope workouts and found  It was on that day that I realized that I had already trained well in my former wrestling days.  I may not be able to get back on the mat regularly, but I could still train like it. 

Ross introduced the concept of Work Capacity and exposed me to the writings of Mel Siff.  I joined his forum and participated regularly by competing and sharing ideas with athletes worldwide.  I enjoyed the competition aspect which led me to find CrossFit shortly after and eventually SealFit after that. 

Ross was a pioneer and was at one time linked to by CrossFit on how to do a burpee.  I dont know who came first on the internet, CrossFit or Ross, but I do know this...Ross is the real deal.  His real profession is training world class boxers and MMA athletes and his stuff works.  As an athlete himself, he is very impressive, but what is even more impressive is his attitude.

Ross NEVER says one bad word about anyone or any other program.  He NEVER fell into the trap of criticizing CrossFit publicly or trying to make himself look better by making others look bad.  Ross has always been just the opposite.   He champions anyone who gets out there and gives it their best despite their methods.  He really doesnt like keyboard warriors and trolls who try to interject negativity into his forum or Facebook page and shuts them up with action rather than words.  The video below was in response to a forum member who stated that Ross could not deadlift 405.  Rather than getting into a keyboard war with the guy, he simply did this:

I was so impressed with his attitude and approach that I brought him down to the Florida Keys to film an episode of Saltwater Experience with us.  We caught a few fish before the weather went bad.  On a short time window, we did not get enough to make a show, but we will use the footage of Ross catching a big bull shark one of these days.

So, if you dont know Ross, you should.  He is the real deal and continues to produce excellent materials, books and videos.

Our workout today was an original Rosstraining workout.  I used to do this one on a track with a 40 pound sandbag.  Today, we did it on a hill with a 120 lb sandbag.  It felt good to be able to complete it and still feel pretty good.  Since 2003 my overall strength is through the roof comparatively.  I could not deadlift 250 pounds, no muscle ups, only a few pullups and zero olympic lifting.  I could run faster than today, but everything else has improved.

Here is the Workout:

Carry, Run and Press

Run 400 m with 120 lb sandbag

Run 400 without the sandbag

10 Clean and press (or jerk)

x 3 rounds

I finished this in 21:47

Give this one or some of Ross' other workouts a shot and post your results here.