Front Squat/C2B Pullups

RRL Warmup

30 Overhead Squats

10 Push-ups

10 Ring Dips

10 Pull-ups

5 Muscle Ups

Jump Rope (Singles), 3 mins

20 GHD Sit-ups

20 Hip Extensions

20 Toes To Bars

7 Front Squats @ 165 pounds

7 Chest to Bar Pullups

x 7 Rounds for time

Yoga 15 minutes

This one didn't go so well for me today.  I felt a familiar twinge in my right lower back...really more like the upper glute.  I stopped during the 6th round.  Hopefully this will be resolved quickly with a little stretching and possibly acupuncture. 

This is an injury that I have had numerous times before.  Today, it probably stemmed from a light warm up as I did not complete the standard RRL warmup which is designed to loosen the lower back and prepare us old dudes for lifting.  I made a mistake today.  Hopefully it wont hold me back long.