Travel again

"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united."

Wilhelm von Humboldt

It was so good to get back into the garage this morning and have 24 guys there to workout with me.  Man, is it better to have a group.  Intensity, comraderie, excitement and overall volume are far better and higher when I am with my group.

Unfortunately, I am on the road again but only for a couple of days this time.  When I go, I prepare by first packing my workout stuff. 

Travel workout gear includes:

1 pair running shoes

1 pair of Nano (worn)

1 pair shorts

2-3 tshirts

1 deck of cards, all plastic with 4 jokers

1 jump rope

1 Green band

Ipad or Iphone ready with this link:

I also found this site recently and it does a good job of generating workouts for you:

I am really looking forward to getting back home and staying for quite some time.