I can not believe that this day has come.  We are a week out from Goruck Selection and I am happy to say that I am as ready as I can get physically.  My recent fitness test showed these results:

2 min pushups- 82

2 min situps- 80

5 mile run- 37:22

12 mile ruck with 45 lbs- 2:31:00

The minimum requirements are:





This last fitness test was a confidence builder.  I have improved on everything with situps being the most improvement.

Mentally, I am still preparing.  I personally feel like being nervous about this thing is a very good thing.  If that is the case, then I am in a really good place...I am pretty damn nervous.

Packing is still an issue and I am packing and repacking over and over again; each time getting rid of several items making the rig smaller and more compact.

I will keep writing on the blog until the event and certainly give a report on how it went