Back to Training

Selection is over, I have reflected on the lessons learned and actually have begun to apply them to my everyday life...Success!

Now, it is time to get back to training.  Admittedly, I am returning slowly partly because I am out of town filming my fishing show, Saltwater Experience now, but also because the last several months have wrecked my body.  Intense rucking with 45-150 pounds combined with the 18 hours of Selection has left me moving a little slow. 

My cure has been to drink tons upon tons of water, do Mark Divine's Warrior Yoga twice a day, work on breathing exercises from SealFit and Unbeatable Mind and work on mobility in my injured ankle with help from Kelly Starett's MobilityWod.

All in all, I am feeling great.  Certainly well rested and my mobility is increased.


Deck of Cards:




Diamonds=flutter kicks

Row 2000 m

30 pullups

I told you I was coming back slow!  Give me a little time and I will be back to the SealFit OPWOD soon. 


Run 3 miles

100 pushups

100 situps

100 squats