Jordan Does SealFit 20x

Jordan Gallup has been coming to the RRL for over 2 years.  He stays in good shape...good enough to take on the SealFit 20x Challenge at the last minute.  I asked Jordan a few questions about his experience and he was nice enough to share some insight.  If you are considering taking your training and your life to the next level, 20x is a great step.

Jordan in the mud pit during the last few hours of SealFit 20x

Jordan in the mud pit during the last few hours of SealFit 20x

TR:  Hey Jordan.  I heard you recently did a SealFit 20x Challenge.  What is it?

JG: SealFit 20x Challenge is a 12-14 hour event taught by Former Navy SEALs and SealFit coaches. It's called 20x because it shows you that you can do 20 times more than you think you can.

TR: How did you prepare for it?

JG: I only found out about it a few days before the event and really didn't know what I was getting in to. But I have been doing CrossFit and SealFit workouts for a little over two years now. I also memorized the SEAL Code and Invictus, which saved my team from punishment later.

TR: Were you well prepared?

JG: I think it's impossible to be fully prepared, because when it's 42 degrees out at 6am and smoke grenades, flares, and sirens start going off and you have to fully submerge in an ice bath and go through a muddy trench, it's a lot different from any other CrossFit workout you've ever done.

TR: What did you learn?

JG: I really enjoyed hearing from Coach Brad McLeod during the short classroom session. He went over the SEAL Code and what it means to have a Code for your own life. We also learned the importance of having a "why." Having a "why" helps keep you mentally focused to get through SealFit, but also applies to everyday life to see the bigger picture. "Why" am I doing the 20x Challenge? "Why" am I working at my current job. "Why" am I volunteering at my church? etc.

TR: How did this experience effect you?

JG: It has really helped my normal workouts. I had never worked out for 13+ hours in a row before or anywhere close to that number, so it really puts things into perspective while getting through a tough 45 minute SealFit workout.

Pushing them out under pressure

Pushing them out under pressure

TR: Any special gear?

JG: I brought all the things that SealFit recommends, such as camo/tactical pants, boots, two white shirts with last name stenciled on front and back, rucksack, etc. I'm on a gluten free diet and was thankful I brought my own snacks for lunch. Apple, orange, banana, and protein bar. I also put on sunscreen at 5:30am because you are not going to be able to do it later.

TR: What advice would you give someone who would like to try a 20x?

JG: "Attention to detail" If they say to stencil your last name in black on the front and back of a white t-shirt, do it. If you are the only one wearing a hat, take it off. Try not to stand out in a bad way.

"Nothing Lasts Forever" Try to make small goals for yourself throughout the day. It's hard not to think about the next 12-14 hours when you first get soaked with ice cold water. You start thinking, "I could get back to the wife and kids before they wake up, have a nice little Saturday, go to Home Depot, maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, if we have time." Instead, start thinking, "just get through this evolution, I can do this part." Stop thinking about yourself and look at the people around you going through the same workout you are.

"Never Quit" One evolution had us find a rock of our choice that we were going to hike with. You didn't want to pick a small rock because of the consequences that might come with it, but you didn't want to pick one up that would be impossible to hike with. We were only told, "do not let your rock ever touch the ground." We'd already been hiking the mountain, with our weapon and 35 lb rucksack for over 5 miles, and had no idea how long this part would be. As the rock became harder and harder to carry, I pictured myself carrying my 11 month old daughter, and how I would do anything to keep holding her. Just changing the uncomfortable heavy rock to something that gave me strength, helped me to push through the pain.

Jordan with Brad McLeod and Turner Rowland celebrating a successful finish

Jordan with Brad McLeod and Turner Rowland celebrating a successful finish

TR: How would you describe the overall experience?  Fun or not?

JG: The overall experience was great and I highly recommend it. Fun or not? It was a lot of fun, but it took a little while to figure that out. The more the group of individuals started to become a team, the more fun it became for everyone. You need to be able to have a positive attitude throughout and the more you can smile and encourage your teammates, the better experience you will have.


TR: What did you take from this experience and apply to your daily life?

JG: ”Do Today What Others Won't, Do Tomorrow What Others Can't"
The SEALs use this phrase to apply to going to war and other missions, but I've also applied it personally to my job and my professional future. Whether you are saving your money to buy your dream house or to take your family to DisneyWorld, whether you are spending money to go to a convention to make professional connections, or whether you are getting up at 4:45am to go workout and be a healthier person, the things you do today will affect the things you do in the future.


TR: Thanks Jordan...great job!