January 1, 2018

Hard to believe that I just wrote 2018 in the date line.

We started this year out right with a good one in 18 degrees.

Frogman's New Year

100 Dead Hang Pullups

250 Pushups

500 Abmat Situps

Run 3 miles

It was very cold but Reggie, Young Braswell (6th grade), Wade, Lee, Miles, Jody, Kyle, Rusty, and me...(then Will Hunt later) braved the 18 degree weather and hit this one. 

We had plenty of time to be staring at the sky as we progressed through the 500 situps.  Rusty spotted not 1 but 2 bald eagles circling the driveway.  They came very close, within 200 feet and made a couple of circles right before Sweet Home Alabama played on the stereo.  Wade was dressed head to toe in official Marine sweats and the American flag was standing straight out in the wind.  It was a VERY American scene and a great way to start 2018, surrounded by friends pushing me to get better, thankful for where we live, grateful for my health and happy to be celebrating the health of my body by doing a tough workout like this one.

I hope everyone has a great 2018.  Start it off right.  Finish strong