August 30, 2016

Renaissance Park Loop

This is one of our favorite field trips.  I simply made a loop course 8 years ago and we return to it now and then to see if we can do it just a little faster.  For a long time the record stood at 21:30 with me and Trevor tied.  Today, Trevor came in at 21:00 but was 5 seconds off his all time PR.

PSC was fast too and Mike D and I came in with a photo finish at 22:42

Ren Park

For time:

24 Push-ups at first corner

Crossovers on pier

10 Burpees at end of pier

24 Push-ups in second corner

24 Box Jump 24 in.s on picnic tables

24 Push-ups in 3rd corner

100m Burpee Broad Jump across bridge

24 Push-ups on 4th corner

50 Body Rows on railing by stairs

Go down stairs and come up big steps anyway possible

100m Bear Crawl up hill X2

Second round- All reps by 1/2

12 Push-ups


5 Burpees


12 Push-ups

12 Box Jump 24 in.s on tables

12 Push-ups

100m Burpee Broad Jump across bridege. Take 2 steps after hop

12 Push-ups

25 Body Rows

Go down stairs and up big stairs

100m Bear Crawl up hill