Oct 1, 2018

Went to a Games workout today


AMReps in 14 mins:

60 Row (calories)s

50 Toes-to-bars

40 Wall Balls, 20 lbs, 10 ft

30 Cleans, 135 lbs

20 Muscle-ups

I have a score of 182 on this one which means I finished the cleans and got 2 Muscle ups before time ran out. I looked through my notes and thought I would try to break things up a little and see if I was able to do better. I did, in fact make a difference in my performance by breaking things into more manageable chunks.

I rowed 60 as fast as possible, then did sets of 10 on T2B, then 20, 10, 10 on Wall Balls and 5,5,5,5,3,2,3,2 on Cleans. At this point I had almost a minute and a half left to do 3 muscle ups to beat my previous score. I was smoked and made 3-4 attempts and failed on all of them.

So, while I did improve my performance on the bulk of the workout, I still came up short of my previous score. In this one, those muscle ups are incredibly important as a lot of people can do the workout but have never done a muscle up. Others, like me will fail. Getting 1 muscle up can move you up the leaderboard 1000 places, easy. Not today

We finished with 10 minutes of Gratitude which is a great way to start a MONDAY.

Go get it!

Sept 30, 2018

Lots to catch up on today. I have been in Venice, LA all week. It was pretty busy so I neglected to post here, but I was active…every day.

On Sunday, I left and drove 8 hours to Venice. In that time I had an opportunity to finish a book I have been interested in reading. Endure by Alex Hutchinson. It is about the elastic limits of Human performance. Particularly interested in endurance and running, Alex goes deep on the limits or perceived limits that we impose on ourselves and what is being done to try and break through those limits. Using lots of studies and science, Alex does a great job with this book. Particularly interesting to me were the chapters on nutrition, hydration and how our mind works. Highly recommended if you are into this stuff.



Deck of Cards- My go to on trips like this. Pushups, Burpees, Squats and Situps with 100 Double Unders for each Joker. I can be done in 20 min. Finished with Durante Core x 5


Deck of cards - A twist to this one. I brought a kettlebell. Pushups for Clubs, Kettlebell single arm snatches for Spades, Side squats for Diamonds, Hearts were flutter kicks x 5


Again with the deck of cards - I did KB Swings for clubs, KB Snatch for spades, Burpees for Hearts and Squats for Diamonds. 100 Double Unders for jokers. This one was tough


I only had a very short window on this day.


Kettlebells swings


finish with Durante Core


Run 5 miles

finish with 200 pushups

I drove home and listened to Joe Rogan with my friend BioLayne, Layne Norton on his show. This was a very good podcast that discussed Keto vs higher carb diets. Lots of great information

I brought back roughly 200 lbs of fresh, organic, line caught, perfectly treated swordfish, yellowfin tuna, snapper, cob and mahi. I had it all vacuum sealed professionally and it is in the freezer. Im set for a couple of months!

Back in the garage tomorrow morning.

Sept 21, 2018

I pulled a gem from the archive today

From Ross Enamait

Interval Challenge

12 Burpees

24 Pushups

36 Squats

Run 400

x 4

We did this one on the hill today instead of the track. I will say that accounts for the 1:47 that I was slower than last time. 16:18 today

Ill be filming Into the Blue in LA next week. I will plan on taking some gear and doing workouts everyday. Maybe I can come up with some good travel ones

Have a good weekend!

September 18,19,20, 2018

This has been a weird week. On my first back squat on Monday, I felt something in my back. I stopped immediately, but the damage was done. It was significant, but I did get on it quickly. I got in the ice immediately which helped. I followed that with a very hot shower. I felt pretty decent at that point but made the mistake of hanging from a bar, stretching and rolling. It was too early and I really aggravated it.

Acupuncture followed and then just laying on my back. then more ice and more heat.

The next day I started in the ice then super hot shower and I could tell a 95% improvement. I took it easy all day with no more stretching, no sitting and just moving gently.

In the afternoon I tried some assault bike which felt good and some Ski erg which was also good. I did 30-20-10 of both of those with calories and felt pretty good. I finished off with some ice and heat.

Wednesday I avoided the 5 mile run that others did and I did 30-20-20 calories on Assault, Ski and Row with a 1 min plank at the end. I did that am rap for 35 minutes. It felt good

Today, the workout was 3 partner workouts

  1. P1 Bar hang, P2 max pushup.  Amrap 8 min,  switch when someone comes off bar.  Score = total pushups

  2. P1 15 burpees, P2 Max cal assault or row, switch when done w burpees.  Score = total calories

  3. P1 run 400, P2 Max squats.   Switch when return from run.  Score = max squats

Good one!

Sept 17, 2018

Today, we did a going away party workout for Winston who is heading to the Air Force or possibly the Space Force.

How could we do anything other than

Air Force

20 Thrusters

20 Sumo Deadlift Highpull

20 Overhead Squat

20 Front Squat

All of these at 95 lbs. Doesn’t sound too bad…oh wait, you have to start with 4 burpees and then do 4 burpees at the top of every minute. Complete all of the 20 reps of one exercise before moving on.

Trevor crushed at 6:33 and probably could have gone under 6 minutes. I did my best to keep up but just couldn’t quite keep pace with Trevor. I finished at 7:55.

After that we hit the Density Training

Back Squat

EMOM 3x8 @ 85% 1RM

I tweaked something in my back so I did not finish the back squats

Sept 14, 2018


Great end to the week with a partner workout.

For the first time, I partnered with Michael Lebovitz and for the first time, he won a workout. I LOVE the leapfrog format and we added some new exercises to it today

10 Pullups

10 Sumo Deadlift Highpull @ 95 lbs

15 Assault Bike Calories

AMRAP 15 min


Front Squat

2x8 EMOM @85% 1RM


Then, this afternoon Josh showed back up for a second one. I worked on some handstand walks and Jody, Will and Steen did this mornings workout. Melissa stopped by and didn’t have a partner so she did Kelly

Run 400

30 Wall Balls

30 Box Jumps

x 5 rounds

Sept 12, 2018

Wednesday is run day


6 mile run.

I decided to do the same course as last week to see if we could improve our times. I think everyone improved across the board. My time was 2:47 faster than last week. Making progress.

Afternoon workout was a Density day

Power Clean

2x8 EMOM @ 85% 1RM

What that gibberish means is every minute on the minute do 2 power cleans every minute on the minute for 8 minutes at 85% of your best recorded Power Clean.

September 11, 2018

Morning workout


Run 400

21 KB swings 53/35

12 pullups

x 3 rounds


7 vups

7 situps

7knees to chest

emom for 7 minutes

Afternoon workout

Density Work


2x8 EMOM @ 85% 1RM


Coach Ethan Reeve

10 Power Cleans

10 Chin ups/pullups alternate each set

x 10 with a time cap of 20 minutes

Rx=cleans at bodyweight

I did 135lbs and got 9 rounds +3 cleans. I will finish this next time! One day at bodyweight (I better lose about 40 lbs)

September 10, 2018


Good Monday Morning!

This morning:

Boat Race

Row 500

Run 400

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

x3 rounds for total time


Warm up Back Squat getting ready for Density work 

Every minute on the minute

2 reps at 85% 1RM x 8

Thanks to Ethan Reeve for helping me with Density Training

Ill leave you with this from Ben Bergeron today.  This is a great thing to think about on a Monday morning and ground yourself in this concept for the week.  It really is the difference between positive and negative.  Many people do not understand that there is a difference between these two extremes, and it took me a long time to understand it as well.  However, upon the realization that there is a difference and that you can choose the way that you think about everything in life, my life changed radically and substantially.  

In the following piece, Ben Bergeron, coach of Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir as well as author of the excellent book Chasing Excellence, explains how this concept can be applied to jealousy in competition in the gym, in life, in business, or elsewhere.  Check it out:


“Iron Sharpens Iron”

Jealousy is a challenging topic to talk about.
There’s two mindsets that we can speak to here – “Zero Sum”, and “Non Zero Sum”.

The  “Zero-Sum” mindset is when one looks at others who have accomplished “X” and thinks: Why them? Why isn’t it me? 

The other mindset, “Non-Zero Sum”, looks at those same people and accomplishments, but has a different approach: If they can do it, so can I.

It is most challenging in those who we compete against.
But even our fiercest competitors are friends of ours. 
Iron sharpens iron, and their accomplishments inspire our accomplishments.

One is jealousy (if you win, I lose), and one is inspiration.
Both are very, very powerful. Both, in different directions.
Let’s choose to be inspired.

How do you think on a regular basis?  Are you a Zero Sum or Non-Zero Sum?  Consider your language, both spoken and unspoken this week and see if you tend to be positive or negative.  Pay close attention to your language all week.


Sept 6, 7, 2018

Trying out my new schedule, I got a little extra sleep on Thursday and worked out in the afternoon with Josh and Melissa.  The guys hit it in the morning and Kyle, Justin and Wade all put up some impressive scores.  I really, really liked the format of this one.

5 x 2 min rounds with 3 minute rest between rounds

10 Thrusters @95 lbs

Row 200

Max # thrusters in the time remaining

Your score is determined only by the number of thrusters you can complete after you have done the first 10 and then rowed 200 m.  For instance, if you complete the 10/200 in 1:30 you have :30 to do as many thrusters as you can.  When the clock hits 2 minutes, you stop and rest for 3 minutes.  Repeat this 5 times and keep track of your score.  

Kyle and Justin got 54 while Wade got 42.  I maintained 8 thrusters for each round and squeezed out 9 on the last round for a hard earned score of 41.  Great format!


Run 400 m

Shoulder to Overhead @185

x 3 rounds

This one was HEAVY for us.  We scaled it back to 155 and it was still pushing my limits.  

I finished in 9:42 with 155 and Wade and Justin just breezed through this one at 155 about 30-45 seconds faster than me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend

Sept 5, 2018 and Coach Ethan Reeve Podcast Interview- Density Training, Mindset, Positivity and Work Ethic

Coach Ethan Reeve Interview - Density Training, Mindset, Work Ethic and Positivity

I am pleased to publish what may be my favorite of all the podcasts I have done to date.  If you are new to the podcast you can get lots more information and also be a part of our online Book Club by going to the dedicated Podcast site.  Tom Rowland Podcast click here

I had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Ethan Reeve.  We were going to do it in my office but I decided that we must do this in the garage surrounded by the gear and culture that we have created.  If you don't know Ethan Reeve, here is an intro that I wrote on the Saltwater Experience website:


Ethan Reeve is one of the world's very best strength coaches, PERIOD.

Ethan developed a love for strength training and a work ethic to match as a boy "chopping cotton" and baling hay for 8-12 hours a day.  He did 500 pushups every day from grade 8 through 12 which helped him move on to wrestle at the University of Tennessee.  While there he won two Southeastern Conference wrestling gold medals at 150 and 158 lbs but still felt as though there was something missing in his strength and conditioning.    He created a workout that we call the "Ethan Reeve" which is 10 power cleans at body weight and 10 chin ups x 10 rounds.  He did this 7 days a week for 2 years while in college always making sure that he could complete it under 20 minutes.  His discipline was so strong that he even did this workout on competition days and before weigh in as a wrestler.  The hard work and dedication paid off as he finished his career as a two-time NCAA All-American and four-time SEC champion wrestler at the University of Tennessee.

After college, Coach Reeve He began his coaching career at The University of Tennessee serving as assistant wrestling coach/strength coach for wrestling for two years, before working as an assistant coach at Oklahoma State, Ohio and Clemson. 

He got his first Head wrestling coach position in 1984 at UT Chattanooga where his teams won five Southern Conference championships in just six years.

My path intersects with Coach Reeve at The McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN.  He became the first full-time strength coach at McCallie from 1990-1995. He also worked with the Women's US Rowing Team at the same time period helping them to win four Gold medals and one Silver medal in the 1995 World Championships.

Coach Reeve became the first Director of Strength and Conditioning at Ohio University in 1995 and worked worked with over 650 athletes.  In 2001, he became Director of Strength and Conditioning at Wake Forest University and remained there until this year when he returned to The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Coach Reeve is known for a training philosophy called Density Training which we talk about on the podcast.  We also go into the mental aspect of training, training as an aging athlete and how his Density Training program can be applied to any exercise for athletes of any level.

I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.  If so, leave a comment or share it with your friends on social media.

You can listen to this podcast on the Soundcloud link above or 

Click Here for Itunes

Today we revisited a long run route that we have not done in a while.

As many know, I have struggled with a calf injury for the last 5-6 years which has had me sometimes running well and then injury strikes.  When this has happened, I am completely off of running for 6-8 weeks.  Of course, this does not mean that I am not doing anything.  I will row, Assault Bike, swim, do ropes or just straight up CrossFit all the time.

With the help of Fast Break, I have diagnosed my shoe needs and have moved away from a zero or low drop shoe back to a conventional running shoe with a high drop.  Say what you want, it works for me and I'm 50.  I really don't care if I am in the trendiest shoe, I just want to run.  These shoes and the stretches I have been doing have me back out there.  

Today, 6.02 miles in 55:40 which is 4 minutes slower than last time.  Lots of work to do to get back down to a 7 minute mile pace for this run but I am out there and making progress.  For that, today was a huge win already and it is 7:40 am.

August 25-Sept 4, 2018I

I have been traveling through Florida doing the podcast and then filming Saltwater Experience.  

We had a special guest, 9x World Champion of the 170 lb weight class in the UFC, Matt Hughes.  It was so much fun to get to know him and celebrate his recovery.  Last year, Matt was hit by a train and was in very bad condition.  He has recovered extremely well and he has a great sense of humor.  We caught big sharks and had a blast

I have been surviving on the Deck of cards workout.  If you don't know what it is, check out this quick podcast

It was great to get back into the garage this morning and hit this one



Power Clean @ 135


Front Squat @135


This one went a little slow for me this morning but I loved it.  So nice to hit some weights after so much bodyweight.

Im back in town for a bit now, looking forward to hitting it hard.

August 21,22,23,24, 2018

I released the first short show from my interview with World Class Strength and conditioning coach, Ethan Reeve.  Coach Reeve is one of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the world. PERIOD.  He is known for Density Training and explains how you can use Density Training for any exercise, specifically how you can go from 5 pullups to 20 in a short time.  Or from 1 to 10 for a less conditioned athlete.

Here it is in a 4 minute show, enjoy and please subscribe to the podcast.  Leave a rating and review on iTunes really helps



Such a great week this week!  LOTS of people in the garage and a few new faces.


Thruster 5-4-3-2-1

Then 2018 Masters PS event

Row 800

Ski 600

40 dumbbell squats with 35 lbs in each hand

x 2

The masters athletes in the Games are beasts.  They beat my time by 2 minutes on this short workout!


Run 5 miles


Front squat 3-3-3-3-3


Minnekahda Crippler

20 back squats at 185 lbs

Run 1 mile

20 back squats at 185 lbs



Renassance Park

This is a benchmark workout that we repeat regularly.  It is one of our favorites that incorporates a lot of pushups, box jumps, burpees, body rows, bear crawls and running.  I finished in 22:52 today, far short of the record of 21:32.  Josh and Colton blazed it.  Over 20 people met at the park today

August 18-20, 2018

On Saturday we had a birthday celebration for my 50th.  Sometimes I will put a lot of effort into creating a workout like this but this time, I just decided to do a benchmark.  We did Filthy Fifty through once and then back through again.  I wore a 20 lb vest.

This was way more difficult than I thought it would be and it took me 63 minutes.

Afterward, we did a community ice bath and then everyone came upstairs to have pancakes and coffee.  Thanks to Allison and Alan Lebovitz and my wife Cynthia for getting this all together.  

Matt Greenwell also designed a really cool t-shirt for my birthday

5 sets of 10 and then Gratitude.  Greenwell nailed it

5 sets of 10 and then Gratitude.  Greenwell nailed it

After the pancakes, we took my son Hayden to Move in day at Belmont.  He got moved in and settled.  Good luck Hayden!

Today, we did this one

Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1


CrossFit Games 50 + Handstand Walk Event

Handstand Walk 40 feet

20 Wall Balls

Handstand Walk 40 Feet

I finished this in 1:39.  This would have had me around 8th place at the Games.  Need work!

We then did short rope climbs with no legs.  EMOM for 5 minutes 


Farmers walks next with double 53 KBs.  As far as you can go until dropping.

Then, Circle up for core and stretching.  Done by 6:40

Have a great week

August 13-17, 2018

Things have been busy for me but I am catching up.

This week looked like this:


Having trouble remembering...


2 Man Team Leap Frog

10 Toes To Bar

20 Double Unders

10 Assault Bike Calories

Amrap 15 minutes


Minnekahda 5 mile run- My calf held up.  First time I have been able to run 5 road miles in months.  Trails are ok, but the long flat distance kills me for some reason.  Today, however, I got it done with no issues.  Slow, but complete


Weighted Dips 5-5-5

Weighted Pullups 5-5-5

Then Sandbag Fun

Overhead Sandbag Carry, 200 m (10 burpee penalty for dropping)

20 Sandbag Get Ups

Sandbag Run, 400 m

20 Sandbag Cleans

Sandbag Carry, 400 m

20 Lateral Burpee Over Sandbags

For Time.   My time 12:01


Clean 5-4-3-2-1

Then 18.1

20:00 AMRAP:

8 Toes-to-bars

10 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, 50 lbs

14 Row Calories

I finished just slightly behind where I did in the Open.  10 +15.  In the open I settled with a score of 10+20

August 10, 2018


Back from our trip to the Keys.  Life is good in the Keys, but this time, the weather wasn't the best.  

We fished some, but lobstered more.  Lobstering is good fun, good exercise and provides good nutrition.  Sounds perfect to me.

Back at the garage today, I started out with mobility that I haven't been able to do on the road and then we hit this one:

The Ghost

Row Calories


Double Unders 

Rest 1 minute

x 6 rounds for time

This workout is done Fight Gone Bad style.  You row as many calories as possible in a minute and then transition directly into burpees and do as many as possible in a minute moving directly into Double Unders for a minute.  During the next minute of rest, mark down your scores for each minute and get back on that rower for the next round.  

This is an excellent format for a gym that has very little equipment.  For example, 3 people can be on one station (1 rower) at a time.  This means that a gym that has only 4 rowers can easily train 12 people with just 4 rowers.  This style of workout is fantastic.


July 30, 2018


Good Monday Morning!

We brought in a classic CrossFit Girl workout today.  Helen

But first...

Dynamic warm up as a group which included toy soldiers, inch worms, lunges, jogs, medium speed, sprints, strict pullups, kipping pullups, burpees, kb swings.  By the end of it we were warm and ready to take on Helen


Run 400 m

21 KB swings @ 53 lbs

12 Pullups

x3 rounds

I finished today at 8:56 which is not bad but definitely not my best time either.  I have an 8:04 on the whiteboard.  When I give it all and come in :50 seconds slower, I wonder how I was able to do that time.  Even 10 seconds faster on each run would only be :30 faster.  I really don't feel like my swings or pullups have gotten much slower.  It has to be the run.  I can definitely see how that may have slowed down.  BUT at least I am able to run!  No injuries.

Welcome back Card Steel today!  Good to see you!